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Is Anandiben Patel the chief minister that Gujarat needs today?


Tunvar Mujahid, Ahmedabad: As the Covid19 cases in the state continue to gallop to new heights, a buzz that the BJP may replace Vijay Rupani as chief minister has started doing the rounds. Even before the fire could be doused, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy jumped into the fray pouring more oil into the raging controversy.

Swamy on Friday late night tweeted that Gujarat can be stabilised for Corona numbers only if Anandiben is brought back as the chief minister. This has now further renewed the debate about the quality of leadership in the state. At a time when Gujarat faces one of the toughest challenges in its history, is it not necessary to take stock of the leadership being offered to its citizens?

Swamy’s tweet has some merit, feels political analysts in the state for, Gujarat needs a mass leader. And whatever be her other faults, Anandiben was a mass leader with a good ground connect. To be fair, Nitin Patel, Shankar Chaudhary and Kunvarji Bavaliya are some of the other leaders with a mass connect in the state

The way in which cases are rising and Rupani’s dependence on bureaucrats show that Gujarat lacks a plan to combat the pandemic and a road map about the future. Analysts believe that so far Gujarat has blindly followed the Centre’s diktat when what it needed was its own plan by a leader whose decisions would inspire confidence in everyone.

There is no denying that even now Gujarat’s battle against Corona is dependent on a few bureaucrats, who for all their abilities are trained in bureaucracy, while what the state needs is a leader and a mother rolled into one.

Rupani’s handling of the Corona crisis has also resulted in questions being raised about Modi’s Gujarat Model. What the state needs today is someone who can end the remote-control culture of governance and who understands the pulse of the people. A leader who tells the Centre what the situation is and what action he plans to take is what we need. We don’t need a leader who relies on guidelines from the Centre. The state needs a leader who is trusted equally by the bureaucrats, the people, the investors and the businessmen.

When Narendra Modi headed Gujarat, his promise was enough for Ratan Tata to shift his plant from Singur in West Bengal to Gujarat. Today Gujarat needs a leader who can be the axis around which the state’s society, employment, and economy can revolve. A strong, visionary leader with the ability to take a challenge head-on is what the state needs. And there are several in the offing with Anandiben, without an iota of doubt, being one of them.