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IOC to set up 10,000 EV charging stations in 3 years

  • 2,000 EV charging stations will be set up in next 12 months; announcement made by IOC chairman SM Vaidya

New Delhi: In a major boost to the country’s efforts to promote electric vehicles (EV), the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has announced that it will set up 10,000 EV charging points over next three years.

Of these, around 2,000 will be set up in next 12 months, said IOC chairman SM Vaidya, adding that the remaining 8,000 will be set up over the next two years.

The announcement is very much in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise at the COP26 in Glasgow earlier this week that India would increase its use of renewable sources of energy to 50 per cent by 2030 and bring down its carbon emissions to net zero by 2070.

Climate change has been a raging topic across the world, with national leaders gathering

Non-availability of EV charging stations has been a major hurdle in purchase of electric vehicles. With setting up of more such stations, this scenario is expected to change.


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