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Investor, friend cheats COVID-19 quarantined trader of Rs69 lakh


A tea trader has been cheated of Rs69 lakh by his employee-cum-investor who worked with him to learn the trade. The accused along with a friend got the consignment for his own company while keeping the trader in the dark and cheated him of Rs69 lakh.

The trader could not keep an eye on the happenings as he had tested positive for COVID-19 and was under treatment for it. As per a complaint registered by one Vinod Barot, a resident of Parbadini Pol in Shahpur area, he has been in the business of tea trade through his shop Ambika Exports, for the last three years.


One Darshan Kothari, a resident of Keval Flats in Paldi offered to invest Rs1 crore in his export company in lieu of Barot teaching him the trade.

How the scam was perpetrated

Darshan‘s job among other things involved taking the stock from Vinod and sending it to one Rishit Patel. He had so far sent stock worth Rs38 lakh of which Rs34 lakh payment was due.

In the meantime, Vinod tested positive for COVID-19 as a result of which he had to go into quarantine from June 5 to 27. Darshan continued to handle the job in Vinod’s absence and also had access to his email id.

When his quarantine ended Vinod asked for the due payment but Darshan and Rishit told him that they would instead return the stock. They said one Atlantis Company in Kolkata wanted some stock so Vinod can send the returned stock (from Rishit) and additional stock amounting to Rs69 lakh to Atlantis company instead.

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Vinod agreed to it. Rishit then gave him an Indus Bank cheque of Atlantis Company which bounced. When Vinod investigated the company, it turned out that Rishit was a partner in it.

Vinod has now approached the Madhavpura police accusing Darshan and his friend Rishit of cheating him of Rs69 lakh.

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