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Indian-Chinese troops clash in North Sikkim, dis-engage later


Soldiers from India and China reported a face-off and aggressive behaviour resulting in minor injuries on both sides in North Sikkim, media reports said. In all 150 soldiers on both sides were involved in the confrontation which left four Indian and seven Chinese soldiers injured. The incident happened near Naku La, a pass in North Sikkim at a height of 5000 metres. The confrontation happened during regular patrolling.

The troops disengaged after local-level interaction and dialogue. The matter was resolved as per established protocols, the army was quoted as saying. Stand-off between the two countries is sometimes reported as the boundary issues remain unresolved.

India and China were involved in a 73-day standoff in 2017 after the latter undertook the construction of a road in Doklam near a tri-junction border area, known as Donglang.

The standoff strained the relation between the two countries, but was resolved after the Chinese stopped the road construction, following which India withdrew its troops.