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India not to let Chinese companies participate in highway projects


More Chinese companies may face the set back in the India-China faceoff as Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday said that India will not allow Chinese companies to participate in highway projects, including those through joint ventures. He also said efforts will be made to ensure that Chinese investors are not entertained in various sectors like Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

“We will not give permission to joint ventures that have Chinese partners for road construction. We have taken a firm stand that if they (Chinese companies) come via joint venture in our country, we will not allow it,” Gadkari was quoted by a news agency.

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The minister said the government will soon come out with a policy to ban Chinese firms. He said the government may also relax norms for Indian companies to expand their eligibility criteria for participation in highway projects. He said the decision will be implemented in current and future tenders and rebidding would be sought if Chinese joint ventures are found in existing tenders.

On shipping consignments being stuck at Indian ports, he said there was ‘no arbitrary stopping of goods’ at Indian ports.