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India-England cricket team threatens wedding of Indigo pilots at Hotel Hyatt, Ahmedabad police step in to ensure marriage


Dhirgayu Vyas, Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad’s Joint Commissioner of Police (JCP) sector 1 Rajendra Asari helped in preventing a wedding of two pilots from being canceled at the last moment in the city. The two were to get married at Hotel Hyatt but the hotel a day before the event told the couple that they had to change the venue or cancel the wedding as India and England cricket team were stationed at the hotel for their match in Motera.

Police as part of the security arrangement said they cannot allow a crowd of wedding visitors to attend the function.

Hotel Hyatt’s alleged negligence in informing the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) about a wedding and the couple about the cricketers’ stay and the resultant security arrangements meant the pilots stared at the possibility of having to cancel their wedding.

Thankfully after a representation to the top cop, he talked to the GCA officials and provided extra security to ensure that the wedding could go on without a glitch and without compromising the security of the cricketers.

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The GCA had booked several floors of Hotel Hyatt in Ashram Road for the two teams that are scheduled to play at Motera.

How Hotel Hyatt almost got wedding cancelled

The wedding was to take place on February 21 and as per the rules, 200 guests were invited. But on February 20 they were told that the wedding had to be cancelled or the venue shifted as the police could not allow so many people at the hotel, sources said.

The family met JCP Sector 1 Rajendra Asari who after talking to GCA and other officials made extra security arrangements so that the couple could wed.

What is interesting is that the family had booked the venue before the GCA had booked it for the cricketers. Yet it was at the last moment that the family came to know about the restrictions.

The couple work as pilots with Indigo airlines. Sources in the know said the Hotel Hyatt offered Hotel Taj as an alternate venue but it was not feasible to do so at the last moment as the invitations had already been sent.

The bride herself went to meet the top cop to plead for his help.

The third test between India-England is being held at the world’s largest cricket stadium in Motera which also happens to be the first match to be played there since the stadium was built. Five matches of the T20 series between the two teams will also be held at Motera.


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