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In the Middle of 100 Cr. Trump Tour, Gujarat Stuck in Movement of 5 Unemployed Associations


Gandhinagar: US President Donald Trump is visiting India on 24 and 25 of February. His tour will start from Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. Where he will spend about three hours. To make his visit memorable, the Government of Gujarat is pretending money like water. Gujarat government will spend more than Rs 100 crore on Trump’s three-hour journey. More than Rs 55 lakh will be spent in about a minute. It is noteworthy that among all these five different groups of youth unemployed are agitating at the Satyagraha camp in Gandhinagar.

The problem of unemployment is spreading like canker in Gujarat day by day. According to the National Sample Survey, the unemployment rate in Gujarat was 0.5 percent in 2011-12, which rose to 4.8 in 2017-18. After 2016, due to demonetisation and GST, the small and medium industries of Gujarat have broken their back. Textile industry of Surat, Diamond industry, Brass industry of Jamnagar, Auto mobile parts industry spread in Ahmedabad and Rajkot, Ceramic industry of Morbi are going through a recession of 21st century.  Due to this, the huge crisis of the army of unemployed youth has arisen in front of Gujarat and the Gujarat government has to face it every day.

Satyagraha Cantonment, built in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar is witnessing the movement of unemployed every day. Now the situation has become such that a group of 5 different unemployed are protesting in Satyagraha Cantonment. In which LRD (Police Public Guard Party) agitated women of SC-ST-OBC category for more than 2 months after the disputed circular of Gujarat government followed by the revocation of fake tribal certificates of tribal,

Saurashtra tribal Movement, movement of male candidates in LRD recruitment case and movement of ATA recruitment candidates, agitation over the case of leakage of secretariat exam, related to retired army Industries are different movements with different demands.

According to a published report by The Wire in April 2019, “The unemployment rate in rural areas of Gujarat was 0.8 percent in 2011-12, while the figure rose to 14.9 percent in 2017-18. In urban areas, this rate increased from 2.1 percent to 10.7 percent.”

According to the report presented in Vidhan Sabha by Gujarat government in 2019, there are 4.02,391 educated unemployed in Gujarat. There are 22,599 uneducated unemployed. In front of which Gujarat government has been able to provide employment to only 5,497 people in the last two years. There are 44,384 educated unemployed in Ahmedabad, out of which the government has been able to provide employment to only 171 people during two years. The condition of main cities like Vadodara and Surat is even more pathetic. There are 23,141 educated and 879 semi-educated unemployed in Surat, whereas 26,775 educated and 891 semi-educated unemployed are unemployed in Vadodara but in Surat and Vadodara the government has failed to provide a single employment opportunity.

The above figures have been presented on the basis of the number of unemployed people registered in the employment office of the Government of Gujarat, whereas the conditions of such unemployed people who have not been registered are far more frightening. Unemployment has already happened that in Gujarat, 19 lakh applications have been applied for 1800 government job posts, while 38 lakh candidates have filed applications for 12,000 appointments in various departments, which the total youth population of Gujarat is 3.5 crore. About 10–11 percent of the population represents the unemployed.

Gujarat government is in debt of millions of crores of rupees. At the same time, the chief Vijay Rupani has made it clear that the budget should not come from anywhere in the visit of Trump. Then, whether there is a notice to break the dream of 200 family dreams, or to try to cover the poor by making the walls, or to welcome the Trump with flowers of 3 crore rupees.

The colourful event-loving person Prime Minister Narendra Modi started its first event “Vibrant Gujarat” when he was the Chief Minister of the State. Besides all these expensive programs the Gujarat has been getting financial success. Unemployment has emerged as a major problem in the last decade in Gujarat, which has become a “model state” due to wide publicity. Gujarat has gone through many violent-non-violent movements in the last few years in the name of providing employment to the youth of Gujarat, but all these movements have not changed the problem of the unemployed.