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In Surat, teachers asked to report to COVID-19 duty at checkposts


Teachers are often roped in for government surveys and census. Now, they also have to do COVID-19 duty. The District Education Officer of Surat has in a notification asked government teachers in Olpad and Mangrol to work at the COVID-19 check post in their taluka. As per the notification, the teachers will have to attend duty at the check post in one of the three shifts. The first shift is from 8 am to 2 pm, the second from 2pm to 8 pm and the third from 8pm to 8 am.

Local media reports said in all, 18 teachers from Olpad and 24 from Mangrol have been asked to report for COVID-19 duty from Tuesday onwards. Olpad checkpost will have 3 teachers while Mangrol will have 4 teachers stationed on duty. The teachers have been given rotation duty at the checkpost.

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Reports said the order has not gone down well with teachers who said the government earlier used their service in updating the voters list and now was pressing them into COVID-19 duty when it is not their job in the first place. They were quoted as saying that while the government was moving towards online education to avoid the spread of COVID-19 it had no qualms putting the life of teachers at risk.