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IIIT-Hyderabad created brain atlas, reveals that Indians have smallest brain in the world


The International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) in Hyderabad reveals that the Indians are having the smallest brain in the world.They have built the world’s first ever Indian brain atlas.The brains of people living in the Indian subcontinent is smaller in height, width, and volume compared to the western and eastern populations.

Jayanthi Sivaswamy and her team are the brains behind this brain atlas.She also mentioned that the Chinese and Korean brain templates had also been constructed so that,they are different from the Indian brain dimensions.The IIIT team Hyderabad has taken data from 50 individuals balancing perfectly between the males and the females and created the India-specific templates.The first digital human brain atlas was created by the Montreal Neurological Institute(MNI).

By using this reference they started MRI Scan to decide the line of treatment and the brains were taken to 3 different hospitals across three different scanners to rule out variations in scanning machines.It is named as IBA100. Researchers will take the help of this scan brain and will try to solve the incurable brain-related problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia.This research was published in the prestigious journal Neurology India- a peer-reviewed journal.

Brain distance between Indians and foreigners

The average brain length of the Indians in search was 160(mm), width 130(mm) and height 88(mm). While the Chinese brain was ahead of the Indians in this regard and their average brains were 175(mm), 145(mm) and 100(mm) respectively. In this way the average brain of Korean citizens is rising 160(mm), 136(mm) and 92(mm) respectively.