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Was Hyderpora encounter fake? Families raise questions, demand proof of militancy links

  • One of the deceased was a doctor, another the son of a man protected by Indian Army; their families have vehemently refuted police claims

Srinagar: The murmurs of Hyderpora encounter, in which four alleged militants were killed, being fake are getting louder. According to claims, Amir Ahmed who was projected as a militant associate by the police was actually a resident of Ramban. His father had been given protection by the Indian Army as he worked for them.

However, his family has refuted the police’s claims and said that Amir worked as a helper to Dr Mudasir Gul, also killed in the encounter. Amir’s body was not returned to his family and instead buried elsewhere.

“How could police guarding his house for 15 years not know that he was a militant? Why did they provide security to father of a militant? One of our kids has died. Many more will die. We want answers from them,” one of Amir’s relative was quoted as saying.

The family is now demanding to be given his body.

The families of other victims, Dr Mudasir Gul and Altaf Ahmed, too, have claimed that their kin were innocent and had nothing to do with militancy. The fourth one was identified as Haider.

Dr Mudasir’s wife Humaira and the family staged a protest at Press Colony and demanded proof that he was an over-ground worker (OGW).

“Police can kill me too if my husband is proven as an OGW,” said Humaira. She urged LG Manoj Sinha to return her husband’s body so that their year-old daughter could see her father for the last time.

Condemning the Hyderpora incident, NC leader Omar Abullah tweeted on Wednesday, “The police admit they took the building owner (Altaf) & the tenant (Gul) in to the building & used them to knock on doors. How then can these people be termed as militants? They are civilians who died because they were put in harms way.”

He added, “To vilify them as militants or OGWs is bad enough but to take the bodies away & forcibly bury them in North Kashmir is a crime against humanity. The bodies must be returned to the families so they can be buried. It’s the only just thing & it’s the only humanitarian thing to do.”


Section 144 imposed in Ramban

Additional district magistrate of Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday passed orders for imposition of Section 144 of CrPC in Ramban to maintain law and order in the district. The family of Amir Ahmed, resident of Ramban who was killed in an encounter in Hyderpora, has refuted the police’s claim that he was a militant and has demanded his body back.


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