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Hyderabad:50 Year Old Man Hanged Himself After Considering Viral Fever as Corona Virus


The terror of the corona virus spread in China has spread in many countries of the world. Some patients of corona virus have also been found in India. The people are so afraid of the infection of this virus that even the slightest fever has started to be considered corona. A similar case came up in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

Lost life in doubt
When Bala Krishnahad got a viral fever, people advised him to get the corona virus tested. At the same time, he reached near the tomb of the mother and Krishnahad killed himself by hanging himself from a tree near the tomb. In this case, the neighbors opened the door of the house on the noise of the family members and when the relatives went to the tomb while searching, they found Krishnahad hanging. In this case, information was given to the police and the police questioned the family members. After calling the doctor, Krishnahd was examined and after examination, the doctor said that ‘no symptoms of the corona were found in him. He was suffering from a common viral fever.’

Symptoms of corona not found during investigation
Police reached the information and questioned the family members. After this, the doctor was called and examined by the doctor in which the symptoms of corona were not found. The doctor told that no symptoms of corona were found in them. He was suffering from common viral fever. The doctor told the people that no case of corona has been reported so far in Hyderabad. He advised people not to take such steps, consult a doctor and get the right treatment. It is known that till now the death toll from corona virus in China has reached 1000.