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Hyderabad: Disha Rape and Murder Case has Shaken the Country


Gangrape and murder with the Veterinarian Surgeon has shaken the entire country. Along with Hyderabad, there are frequent protests in many cities of the country. People are demanding immediate punishment of the accused. Meanwhile, the police of Hyderabad has given a new name to the Veterinarian Surgeon . The police have appealed to the people to call her ‘Disha’. It is being said that the police officers suggested this name to the family, on which they agreed.

‘Justice for Disha’
Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar on Sunday appealed to the media not to call her by real name, but to call her ‘Disha’. These days, a campaign is being run to provide justice to women doctor. Police say that this campaign should now be run in the name of ‘Justice for Disha’.

Real name and photos will not be used 
The cases which are related to the cases.In such cases the real name of the victim will not be used by any media.The used of the victim real name is strictly prohibited. The media can change her name and can show. Apart from this they also can’t put the real pictures of the victim.However, for the last few days, common people were using their real names in the campaign being run for justice. Now the police has requested all these to run a campaign called ‘Justice for Disha’.