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Suspicious of husband’s long medical treatment wife follows him, nabs him in bed with her cousin!


A woman nabbed her husband while he was in bed with her cousin in a strange case of marital infidelity in Ahmedabad. Interestingly, the man who had just returned from Oman would leave home every day stating that he needed to go to the hospital for treatment.

As the treatment continued for long, the wife got suspicious about it and one day decided to follow him when he went to the hospital. She found that her husband travelled from Vatva to Vadaj to meet her paternal cousin. The woman then nabbed the lovers while they were in bed.

As per the case details, Vishakha (name changed) a resident of Sabarmati had got married in 2008 to one Vijay (name changed). Initially, the couple moved to Bharuch and they had a son. Later Vijay moved his family to rented accommodation in Surat.

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He then left for Oman to earn a better living. Eventually, the family bought their own house in Vatva in Ahmedabad. On October 30 this year Vijay returned from Oman and sent his wife to live with a relative as he had to be quarantined and preferred to spend it at his home. 

When Vishakha returned, she found her husband having a video chat with her paternal aunt’s daughter and her cousin Mayra. At that time Vishakha did not think much about it.

How the husband was caught

Later Vijay complained of severe back pain and said he had to undergo extensive therapy. He would leave home every morning and would return by evening.

He, however, refused to let her accompany him to the hospital. This raised Vishakha’s suspicion and she followed him one day in an autorickshaw.

She found that her husband went to her cousin Mayra’s house in Vadaj and she nabbed them red-handed while they were busy with each other.

Once caught, Vijay began to abuse his wife, and unable to stand the abuse she filed a case of harassment against her husband and others in the Mahila Police station.


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