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Human trafficking: Surat police trace & nab Bangalore man who bought Bangladeshi teen, pushed her into prostitution


The Surat Police have arrested one more person in connection with a human trafficking racket operating from Khatodara area in Surat. The cops have arrested one Milan Khalil who bought teenagers from Bangladesh for Rs50,000 and pushed them into prostitution.

The Surat Crime Branch officials said Bangalore-based Milan whose name first emerged after a Bangladeshi teenager pushed into prostitution was rescued from Surat.

Police said Milan bought the Bangladeshi teenager for Rs50,000 from one Mohsin in Bangladesh. He then put the teenager into prostitution. After using her for some time, he sold her to one Firoza alias Nitu Almeen, a resident of Mumbai.

In Mumbai, Nitu pushed the teenager into prostitution that operated under the pretext of a spa. Later she sold the girl to a man who ran a spa at Bhimroad canal road’s Infinity Hub building in Surat’s Althana area.

The Surat police later raided the spa and the human trafficking case came to light. The main accused Mohsin is still absconding.

The case that blew the lid of human trafficking in Surat

The Surat police on September 12 arrested three people and rescued a Bangladeshi teen and another woman from prostitution. The girls were forced to work in a spa in Surat that was a front for a prostitution service.

The Crime Branch had been tipped off about the presence of a girl in Surat who was kidnapped from Bangladesh. The Anti Human Trafficking Unit’s (AHTU) missing cell and the Crime Branch formed various teams to took for the girl.

Cops raided the unit and found two men and two women. One of the girls gave her identification and the name and address matched the description of the missing girl from Bangladesh. Another girl who was found working at the spa is a 20-year-old from Punjab.

Police arrested the owner of the spa Ankit Kantheria, and his friends Vijay Paghra and Vishal Vankheda. The trio did not have the permission to run the spa. The Bangladeshi girl told the cops that one Mohsin who lived in her village sold her to one Milan in Bangalore who in turn sold her to one Nitu in Mumbai.

Nitu then sold her to Shabbir in Surat.


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