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How will Owaisi’s AIMIM give Muslims in Gujarat a third option?

  • Party is yet to form its local body in the state

  • AIMIM to fight in 15 seats in Ahmedabad

Abhishek Pandey, Ahmedabad: Asaduddin Owaisi’s All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) has promised a third option for Muslim voters in Gujarat. But how it will do it is a question that remains unanswered.

The party, which has started its journey in Gujarat by promising an alternate option for Muslims, has not even set up its local body units in the state.
Earlier Owaisi on January 19 tweeted about the appointment of Sabir Kabliwala as AIMIM’s Gujarat president. Another press conference on Saturday raised hopes that it would announce its local body taking into consideration the ground realities.
But what followed in the press conference was nothing but tall claims. The party said it would fight local body elections in Ahmedabad and Bharuch. The announcement came despite the party having no understanding of the ground realities of the state and the absence of a local body.

Is Kabliwala just a robot?

Despite his announcement as the party chief, Sabir Kabliwala is yet to get active among the voters. He has not met people who matter in the community or taken up issues that affect Muslims. In fact, he has not been vocal about any issue since his appointment and seems to function more like a robot. This raises the question as to whether AIMIM can truly emerge as an alternate option for Muslims in Gujarat.

It also begs the question – can the party win the elections keeping in mind the religious sensitivities of Muslims? Like every other party, it will need to work at the booth level, carry out surveys about ground realities and rely on panels for the selection of candidates.

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BTP partnership in Bharuch, going solo in Ahmedabad

On Saturday the party held its first press conference under its banner but the meet failed to give any indication of the direction the party plans to take. It did not talk about the issues affecting Muslims, the lack of facilities in Muslim-dominated areas among others.

In fact, it repeated known facts about joining hands with BTP for the civic polls in Bharuch and contesting on 15 seats in Ahmedabad on its own. It remains to be seen whether Sabir Kabliwala had an understanding of the pulse of the Muslim voter.