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How will Kabliwala manage AIMIM when he doesn’t know what it stands for?


Abhishek Pandey, Ahmedabad: Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM, which is trying to expand to various states in the country, has high hopes from former Congress MLA Sabir Kabliwala. Kabliwala, who was made the party’s chief in Gujarat, has been entrusted with establishing AIMIM in Gujarat so that it can emerge as a significant political alternative for the Muslim population in the state. However, due to his circle of people, he is facing severe criticism.

Incumbent Congress MLA from Jamalpur, Imran Khedawala, who is quite popular in the area, has challenged Kabliwala. The MLA tweeted, “If he contests Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation election from Jamalpur, I can contest the same and defeat him. Owaisi is trying to divide Muslim votes and help the BJP.”

Congress MLA from Shahpur, Gyasuddin Shaikh, said when Sabir Kabliwala was a Congress MLA from Jamalpur, he could not speak for five minutes in the Gujarat Assembly in his five-year tenure. The AIMIM is damaging its own presence by making such people the party president, he added. “In fact, Sabir Kabliwala, who is the Gujarat president, does not know what AIMIM stands for,” Shaikh said.

The entry of AIMIM, especially after its success in the Bihar election, is being hailed as a major move that will provide a political alternative to the Muslim population in the state—a section that has been pushed to the walls. However, under the aegis of Kabliwala, several anti-social elements are making a beeline to the party—a move that has forced a significant section of the Muslim population to keep a distance from Owaisi’s party.

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It will be interesting to see how AIMIM performs in the upcoming local body elections. It will be also interesting to see if Gujarat’s Muslims accept gangster-turned businessmen and anti-social elements as their representatives.