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How will Gujarat Study? Gujarat’s Daughter Scorched in the Fire of Expensive Education


Hitesh Chavda, Gandhinagar: In Delhi JNU there was a dispute in the university about fee hike, during that time it was said that what would be the difference by increasing the fee slightly. When the created an uproar over the fees hike, they were also accused of creating chaos in the country terming these students as anti-social elements. A recent example of how important affordable education is for the country has come from Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar, from where PM Narendra Modi has been CM for 12-12 years. The girl of a small shopkeeper in Gandhinagar, showing the mirror of  model of development to the whole country does not have the money to pay the fees, but the father does not want to kill his child’s dream, he will pay money on interest to fulfill her dream. So, he had decided to continue her further studies. But the huge fees of dental college is more than the reach of this destitute father.

The case is that of a girl studying in Dental College of Ahmedabad Mahanagar Palika Medical Trust. Inspired by the slogan of whose father ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’, Amrish Bhai Panara has decided to give his daughter a higher education as well as a better future, despite the financial condition of the house is not good.

Amrish Bhai Panara has settled in Gandhinagar for a long time to teach his daughter and impart higher education. He has been working hard for last 22 years with the purpose of giving good education to his daughter by staying in a rented house in Gandhinagar. It is a dream for him to have his own house because he has spent all his life’s accumulated capital to pay his daughter’s fees. Amrish Bhai worked hard to get his daughter admission for 2019 in BDS Dental College of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, which is headed by the government. But now the situation of home and inflation has broken Amrish’s back to such an extent that he is fulfilling his girl’s dream by borrowing money at high interest rate. But the huge fees of 5.27 lakhs every year for five years is creating many problems for him. Amrish has become helpless after every effort to earn so much money by constantly working.

Amrish Panara lives with 4 members in his family in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar and he himself had only passed till 11th standard. He is looking after his family by running a small shop in Gandhinagar. But even after running the shop, it could not be so arrogant that his family could eat two time meal. Despite this, Panara is interested in giving higher education to his daughter instead of losing courage. To get the girl as a doctor he admitted her to the BDS Dental Medical College for the studies.

Through all the circumstances, Amrish Panara wrote a letter to CM Vijay Rupani requesting that “he is suffering from economic unemployment due to excessive competition and recession, if I have any plans of the state about my daughter’s fees. Or can get a grant that waives the fees, then I can teach my daughter, and save the daughter’s life from being dark.”

Talking to Gujarat Exclusive, Panara says, “I am having a small shop were I sell clothes to give a good education to my daughter. Despite being in a rented house I never gave up, will do anything to educate my Daughter and will also pay her fees.”

Immediately, Panara has received 4 notices from AMC College to pay fees. If he does not pay the entire fee, then he will have to pay a fine of Rs 250 per day.

The Gujarat government has given a new slogan after claiming development, ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’, but Amrish Panara is unmasking the government’s claim. Those who are working day and night to give good education and better future to their girl child. But the but fees hike is so big that it is far away from their reach.