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How Mrs India Rashmi Shah, Manjula and Amitabh built “The Nithyanada’s Kailaasa”?


Ahmedabad: After the disappearance of two girls from DPS east, rape accused Baba Nithyananda’s misdeeds began to unravel in the heart of Gujarat. However, the pertinent question resonates that with whose aid did Nithyananda use to do human trafficking, hawala, black mailing and money laundering business, that question inasmuch as seems to be missing from the investigation of the police and the government. In this dirty game played in the name of religion, it purports the government has restricted its arms and has merely touched the aspects regarding the matter involving case of documentary fraud regarding NA. The question arises, who are those people who are trying to cover up Nithyananda’s misdeeds?

According to the information received by Gujarat Exclusive, the government is trying to dilute Nithyanada’s case to a mere case of documents forgery. As Nithyanada’s misdeeds include top government officials, ministers, businessmen and so-called religious gurus on a rather wide scale, it seems as if the rape accused guru Nithyanada is exercising all his might by his “Sham-daam-dand-bhed” technique. If the legal screws are tightened on  Nithyanada, there will be upcoming trouble for the secretaries sitting in the secretariat and the elite persons living in the high-rise buildings of this city. Not only this, the government may also suffer from some irreparable loss as the skeletons form tightly closed closet may tumble upon any time. Hence, it seems that this is why the government is trying to close the case of  Nithyanada’s misdeeds on a rather milder tone. Gujarat Exclusive has received detailed information about the network of  Nithyanada established in Gujarat, which is being published herewith in detail.

How did  Nithyanada make his debut in Gujarat?

Rashmi Shah:

Shweta Singh Chaudhary, a woman now known as Rashmi Shah, married to Ahmedabad-based Amitabh Amit Shah. It appears from the records that Rashmi Shah has deep connections with  Nithyanada. This relationship between  Nithyanada and Rashmi Shah is so deep that she has stayed with Baba  Nithyanada for 31-31 days. Rashmi Shah had introduced her husband, Amitabh Shah to  Nithyanada. Amitabh Shah a seasoned player saw an opportunity when he got to knock the door of  Nithyanada’s Ashram. This is precisely why instead of taking his wife Rashmi Shah away from the rape accused Baba  Nithyanada, he himself went on to sit in  Nithyanada’s lap.

What role does Rashmi Shah perform for  Nithyanada, the rape accused Baba?

Rashmi Shah, apart from monitoring her husband Amitabh Shah and her close aid Manjula Pooja Shroff in Gujarat; helps in strategy making for  Nithyanada in the countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and so on.

Amitabh Shah:

Amitabh Shah who met  Nithyanada through his wife Rashmi Shah saw the money flowing not only that he was also amused by the outreach and strength bestowed at feet of the mischievous Baba.  He further tried to show  Nithyanada that how he can work on a large scale.  Nithyanada also saw a clear advantage in associating himself with foreign graduate Amitabh Shah. Looking into these aspects  Nithyanada handed over his business of Gujarat in safe hands.

Babas like  Nithyanada often seek big tycoons, political leaders and officials to spread their aura. For this very purpose Amitabh Shah cleverly successfully connected the corporate elites, politicians and bureaucrats through his NGO. The modus operand was such that once these people joined Amitabh Shah’s NGO, he connect these people to  Nithyanada. Amitabh Shah’s NGO “Youth Unstoppable” plays a huge role in this dirty game. Whereas Rashmi Shah, continued playing behind the scenes, contributing her vital bit with Amitabh.

Seeing the quadrupled growth of Amitabh Shah, Manjula Shroff couldn’t resist the temptation to involve herself in this game. After which  Nithyanada got another strong player like Manjula Shroff form Gujarat in his kitty.

What role does Amitabh Shah perform for rape accused  Nithyanada?

Apart from corporate networking for  Nithyanada in Gujarat, Amitabh Shah is also involved in trapping new corporates for  Nithyanada. He also helped  Nithyanada build his image in Gujarat and further through his NGO networks aided the money laundering business. Gradually Amitabh’s vital role is coming out with regards and in connection to  Nithyanada’s hawala and human trafficking rackets.

Manjula Pooja Shroff:

Manjula Shroff is mainly known for these three things in the city; first her glamorous style. Second, for her image of a successful business woman and third, for her immense and able skills to control the narrative. All these key features of Manjula Shroff have proved to be very useful for  Nithyanada. Manjula Shroff paved the way for this self-styled god man to achieve the unbelievable dream of project “Kailasha” by using her influence and keeping her five star friends at his disposal. She used all her resources including educational institutes like DPS and Kalorx.

Manjula Shroff connects wealthy parents, bureaucratic guardians and politicians with  Nithyanada through children pursuing education at various academic campuses including DPS. Not only this, Manjula works strongly with her networking to bring five star friends, corporates and top officials sitting in secretariat to the shelter of  Nithyanada.

The work done by Manjula has proved fruitful for  Nithyanada even today, and this is precisely why despite  Nithyanada’s involvement in dirty game of religion, illegal business, hawala, black mailing and human trafficking the authorities are trying to close such serious matters by labelling it as a mere dispute of regarding governmental inquiry in investigating DPS school.

What role does Manjula Shroff perform for rape accused  Nithyanada?

Manjula Shroff uses her educational campuses for Baba  Nithyanada to connect rich parents, high government officials whose children study in her educational institutions. The elite white-collar class that sends their children to Manjula’s educational institutions often contacts her for admission purposes regarding DPS school campuses, as well as other institute and she connects them to  Nithyanada for her vested interests. Not only this, she plays a vital role in bringing the government officials, ministers and secretaries under the network and radar of  Nithyanada. Manjula uses “Sham-Daam-Dand-Bhed” to carry out this work and she is a complete go getter in this regards.

How businessmen, government officials and politicians are proving useful for  Nithyanada?

The ambitious  Nithyanada after being caught in the sex CD scandal, with his vices found in “Sura and Sundari”, has understood that it is no easier to just trade in religion in return for his vices. If he has to have fun in the garb of religion, he will have to use his strength, influence and money. In view of this,  Nithyanada started working on his vision project “Kailasha” and the gathering of all the three above mentioned ignited in full swing.

 Nithyanada is currently absconding from India and is all set to develop his so clamed country “Kailasha”, the idea he has long kindled upon.  Nithyanada did not come up with the concept and execution of “Kailasha” in a day, but he has been working on project “Kailasha” since early 2011-12. During this time, he needed money, influence and power.

For the “Kailasha” project,  Nithyanada started connecting the rich class, government high officials and politicians.  Nithyanada used to get the work of people belonging to the rich class done through the high officials and politicians. He used to get the work done for these high officials through his political contacts. Serving all according to their needs using cooperation when need be, by providing to the politicians with funds gathered from the wealthy and using government officials as and when required. As well as using glamour and influence of Manjula Shroff and the NGOs run by hawkers like Amitabh Shah.

If the government does not intend to settle the DPS Ashram case by reducing it to a mere case relating to common land matter, then the matter should be investigated in depth, so that it can be unravelled and unveiled in a way to bring about the people blackmailed by  Nithyanada belonging to Gujarat in broad-day light. The question also remains that in fact how many such people have been referred to? How much land is occupied? The naked pictures and videos of how many such persons have remained in the drawers and closet of  Nithyanada and his colleagues? How many women from India and abroad are trapped in the web of this rape accused Baba? It is only if the investigation is done at a higher level, all these things shall be revealed and yet looking at the presidents with regards to “CDs” in particular, it does not really seem that the government may get the matter investigated on a larger scale.

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