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How Many Shaheen Bagh will you Desolate it will Stand in Every Street: Umar Khalid


Former JNU student Umar Khalid has once again made inflammatory statements. This time Umar has said that Shaheen Bagh is being built in every street of the country. He said that Shaheen Bagh is not the name of an area inside Delhi today. There is a Shaheen Bagh in every corner of India. How many Shaheen Bagh will you desolate it will stand in every street. We are winning this battle, victory will be ours. Umar said that he want to convince Amit Shah and PM Modi.

First CAA will go, then NRC, then NPR. Just like the BJP government went from Maharashtra and on 11 February the BJP will go from Delhi. BJP will lose because the government is not of them. BJP will lose from Bihar, Assam, Gujarat in 2024 and the Muslims will not leave this country. No citizen will leave this country. Who will leave, the thought of hate will leave this country.

Earlier Ravi Shankar Prasad alleged that Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protest is emerging as “a textbook case of a few hundred people trying to suppress the silent majority”. Mr Prasad while addressing a press conference he said that “There is a lot of discussion of the constitution nowadays, there is also the right to speak in the constitution, but whether this right is only for a few people who are forcibly encircling the road.” Prasad said that those trying to fragment India are getting cover at Shaheen Bagh protest where the tricolors are being waived. He said the protest is offering platform to tukde tukde gang elements under the garb of opposition to the CAA.