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Home Minister Amit Shah Introduces Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Lok Sabha


The citizenship (Amendment) bill, 2019 has been introduced in the Lok Sabha. Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the bill in the Lok Sabha amidst a riot. After presenting the bill to him, he said that the bill is not against minorities but against infiltrators. Shah said the Congress “divided” the country on the basis of religion that is why it was necessary to bring the bill. He also said that the Bill will also have to look at the constitution of other countries.

10 Things on Citizenship Research Bill

-The Citizenship Research Bill does not violate any article of the Constitution, except that Article 11 and Article 14 have not been violated.
-How is it going to be a privilege for a minority if there is equality? Why doesn’t the law of equality apply there?
-The bill signed an agreement in India and Pakistan, which borders India’s land borders citing the safety for the minorities.
-Nehru Agreement was signed in 1950, when India and Pakistan signed an agreement, which mentioned the protection for the minorities.
-Religious torture persecuted some other minority communities, including Hindus, Sikhs and Jains.
-According to Act anyone can apply and all will get citizenship.
-The Congress party divided the country on the basis of religion, we did not. So this bill is needed.
-If a Muslim even applies for citizenship in India, he will be considered.
-Muslims are not made to be included in this bill because they have not been victims of religious torture in this country.
-Constitutions around the world have the right to citizenship. There are green cards provided on some grounds. This does not develop inequality.