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Historic ‘City Chowk’ in Old Jammu Renamed To ‘Bharat Mata Chowk’


The historic ‘City Chowk’, which was a commercial center hub in Old Jammu, has been renamed as ‘Bharat Mata Chowk’. The General Assembly of the BJP-led Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) passed a resolution in this regard. Officials gave this information on Sunday.

There was a mixed reaction to the decision to change the name of the Chowk, most of which welcomed the decision, but urged the JMC to focus more on development and cleanliness rather than change the name.

Apart from this, the name of ‘Circular Road Chowk’ has been changed to ‘Atal Ji Chowk’. Senior BJP leader and JMC Deputy Mayor Purnima Sharma said, “This place is historic and a witness to major decisions and protests in the past. Every year people are hoisting the tricolour on Republic and Independence days in this chowk. There was a popular demand from the public to rename this chowk as Bharat Mata Chowk.”