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Hirapar village convinces all its students to opt for government school


To combat the rising exploitation by private schools, a small village in Tankara taluka of Morbi district has decided to send all its students to a government school.  

Parents in the state have been agitating against the exorbitant fee being charged by schools for online education. 


Hirapar village has convinced the students to opt for government school instead of private ones.

The educated youth and teachers of the government school first held a meeting and then convinced the parents of 30 private school-going children in the village to opt for government school.  

Now, all the students in the village study in a government school. No child in the village has opted for private schools.

How the decision was taken

The village has a population of close to 2000 people. 

Youth from the village and a teacher Ritaben held a meeting with parents to discuss how to improve education in the area. 

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Some of the youth who participated included Rakesh Fefar, Vijay Fefar, Ramesh Fefar and Vrajlal Savsani. 

The local education officials also participated to encourage the parents to shift the students to government schools.

An education committee is formed

The village also formed an education committee made up of 20 youth from the village.

The committee will guide parents in helping them chart the educational future of their students.

It will also give inputs to improve education in the government school of the village.

Pvt school v/s education department

Recently the education department issued a notification stating that private schools cannot charge a fee until it reopens.

The private schools opposed the decision and decided to stop online education.

Although they resumed it again they moved the high court in the matter.

The high court struck down the part of the notification which said schools can’t charge a fee.

It also asked the state government and schools to discuss the matter and arrive at a solution.

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