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High Court lawyer Harsh Surti accuses 5 of giving Rs22 lakh contract to kill him


A Gujarat high court lawyer Harsh Surti has approached the Crime Branch accusing a person of paying Rs22 lakh for a contract to kill him. As per the complaint, the high court lawyer Harsh Surti has alleged that one Pragyesh Patel offered Rs 22 lakh to contract killer Naishal Thakor to kill him. 

Some men have been caught on CCTV camera carrying out reiki of Surti’s bungalow and clicking some pictures. A telephonic recording of the conversation between two accused about the contract killing has also emerged.


Five people named in the complaint

Advocate Surti has named Pragyesh Patel, a resident of Gota, Naishal Thakor and Hardik Patel, both residents of Vasna, Samrat a resident of Satellite and Yasinsha Fakir a resident of Vejalpur in his complaint.

Surti said that last March one Hitesh Thakor informed him that Pragyesh and his associates plan to kill him. On June 18, Hitesh Thakor also played an alleged recording in which Samrat was talking on speakerphone with Naishal. 

At that time Samrat was with Hitesh. In the alleged conversation, Samrat is heard informing Naishal about Hardik and Pragyesh’s plan to kill Surti.  Another friend Sujal Shah also informed him that Rs22 lakh was given to Naishal to kill him and that Yasinsha Fakir wanted to meet him for a compromise. 

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As a result, Surti went to a hotel in Anand with his friends. Yasinsha informed him that Naishal had paid Rs 2 to 5 lakh to three different people to tail him. He said if he wanted the contract to be called off he will have to pay Rs22 lakh. 

He also threatened Surti not to record any of the conversation or they would end up being enemies. 

CCTV captures something suspicious

On July 28, the CCTV at Surti’s bungalow captured a Swift car without a number plate being parked at 4.41 am near the house. Later on August 17 two people on a two-wheeler without a number plate arrived near the bungalow at 4.10 am and began taking pictures of the same. 

 Surti further said that some people followed him to his office and that is when he decided to approach the police.

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