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Highest ever heroin seized by BSF along Pakistan border in Rajasthan


The Border Security Force (BSF) has seized 54 packets of heroin along the Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan weighing 56.63 kg. It is the highest-ever quantity recovered along the Pakistan border in the state. The market value of the confiscated heroin is estimated to be around Rs 270 crore.

The Pakistani drug mafia was using PVC pipes to deliver packets of heroin on the Indian side of the border near Khajuwala in the Bikaner sector on Wednesday night.

Modus Operandi

According to the BSF inspector general Pankaj Kumar, the Pakistani drug smugglers used a large PVC pipe which was cut into 54 pieces and each piece was packed with a kilogram of heroin. The pipe pieces were tied to each other using clothes and it was pushed into the Indian territory under the border fencing.

This was done when the border was gripped under the desert storm on Wednesday. It seems that the operation was well planned and the smugglers on the Indian side were told the location from where the heroin would be delivered to them. The location was also fixed with mutual understanding.

BSF patrolling team saw suspected activities

The patrolling party had seen some suspected activities on the Pakistan side of the border. The BSF’s 127 Battalion team led by DIG Pushpendra Singh kept the vigil on the border using sophisticated binoculars. During patrolling, at one point they discovered the PVC pipes that were pushed inside the Indian border.

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“The incident took place on the intervening night of June 2-3 when troops sensed suspicious movement at the border. A BSF sentry opened fire, forcing the smugglers to run,” a BSF spokesperson said.

No arrests so far

No arrests have been made so far. But as the heroin was pushed from the Pakistani side near the fence, the smugglers were likely hand-in-glove with the Pakistan Rangers who allowed them to reach up to the fencing to execute the job.

The BSF personnel took out the pipe pieces and recovered the heroin. The drug thus seized would be deposited with the narcotic bureau in Jodhpur after preliminary inquiry. The BSF is also trying to find leads about the group that was to retrieve the heroin on the Indian side of the border.


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