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Hedgehog rescued from residential area in Vadodara


A hedgehog was rescued from a residential area in Vadodara on Sunday. The Wildlife Rescue Trust, a non-governmental organization which carried out the rescue said the hedgehog is a rare species in the area and was last caught in the city in 2007.

Media agencies quoted Arvind Pawar, president of The Wildlife Rescue Trust as saying that hedgehogs are solitary and nocturnal animals and are rarely seen during the day.


“They rest under rocks during the day or live in abandoned burrows of other small mammals,” said Pawar. He said their keen sense of hearing and smell help them hunt for prey and they usually prefer to come out during the early evening.

The hedgehog was later delivered to the forest department.

8-feet long crocodile rescued

Earlier on Saturday, an 8-feet long crocodile was rescued from Manjalpur area in Vadodara. The Wildlife Department sent the captured crocodile for medical examination and later released it.

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Crocodiles entering residential areas during the rain is very common in Vadodara and every year several such rescues take place.

Vadodara has a healthy population of crocodile, particularly in the Vishwamitri River. Waterlogging and flooding often bring these reptiles to residential areas.

Three dead in house collapse

Three people, including a woman and her toddler son, were killed and five others injured when a wall collapsed on them in Sejalpura village in Banaskantha on Monday.

The victims belonged to Rajasthan. The incident happened when the labourers were digging an area near the dilapidated structure for a new house. The deceased have been identified as Sitaben Vasaiya (38) her son Raju (3) and a five-year-old child, Rahul Vasaiya.

The five injured have been moved to the Civil Hospital.

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