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Heavy monsoon help Gujarat make up 84% of its seasonal rainfall tally


Gujarat has so far received over 84% of its annual average rainfall with Kutch receiving 132.5% of its total average rainfall. Region-wise, Kutch has received the highest rainfall in percentage terms. The lowest so far has been received in North Gujarat which has got just 56.41% of its average annual monsoon.

Against the annual average monsoon of 831 mm, the state has so far received 694mm of rainfall. Of the three months of rain, the highest has been received in August so far. August saw the state getting 344 mm of rainfall while July had 228 mm.


South Gujarat region, which gets the highest rain in Gujarat has so far received 1080 mm of its 1447 mm average rainfall. This accounts for 75% of the total average rain received in the region so far.

Monsoon in last 24 hours

As per data released by the state government, 192 talukas of the state received rains of which 93 have recorded half an inch to 5 inches of rain.  Mandvi and Mundra taluka in Kutch recorded 5.5 inches of rain while Valod in Tapi and Tarapur in Anand recorded 5 inches of rain each.

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Ahmedabad recorded heavy rains late night on Monday. In all, the city recorded 2 to 3 inches of rainfall. Two underpasses in the city were closed due to the heavy rains.

Ahmedabad that on an average gets 798mm of rainfall has so far received 587mm,
which is 73% of the average annual rainfall. The district has received 63% of its annual average rainfall of 699 mm.

Water levels in dams of the state

The heavy rains have resulted in water level in the Sardar Sarovar Dam reaching 121.08 mts while 54% of the dam
capacity has been filled. Ninety four dams in the state have been put on high alert as they have been filled up to 90% of their capacity.

10 dams have been put on alert as the water level has reached over 80%. Seventy four dams have been filled up to to 70% of their capacity.

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