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Aryan Khan exempted from appearing before NCB every week

  • While giving relief, Bombay High Court orders Aryan Khan to appear before Delhi SIT whenever summoned


Mumbai: Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, who was named in a drugs case, has got relief from the Bombay High Court. The court has modified his bail condition and allowed him exemption from visiting the office of Mumbai NCB every Friday.

However, Aryan Khan has been asked to appear before the Delhi SIT whenever summoned.

Earlier, the conditions of his bail required him to mark his attendance at the Mumbai office of NCB every Friday between 11 am and 2 pm.

In his plea requesting exemption from this requirement, Aryan Khan’s advocate argued that nothing was happening in the case. He also said  Aryan was willing to travel whenever and wherever called by NCB provided he was given sufficient time.

He was ready to go to Delhi where the case is being currently investigated.

He also pointed at the heavy police deployment required every time Aryan visits the NCB office.

While the NCB has not objected to this request, it has said that he should cooperate and go to Mumbai or Delhi office whenever summoned.

Aryan was arrested by the NCB on October 3 on board a cruise ship that was heading from Mumbai to Goa. He was accused of possession, consumption and sale of contraband.


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