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Harik Patel Started Satyagraha Movement For the Justice of Farmers


Hardik Patel started the movement to provide reservation to the Patidars of Gujarat, has once again taken the path of fasting for the demand crop insurance and loan waiver of farmers in Gujarat. Along with Hardik Patel Congress MLA Lalit Kagathara of Rajkot is also fasting . They have also got support of the Indian Farmers Union in this fast.

Congress leader Hardik Patel has started the Satyagraha movement on Wednesday in Mauveya village of Rajkot Paddhari taluka to demand loan waiver and crop insurance of farmers . Hardik said that farmers have suffered due to unseasonal rainfall.They have not received crop insurance money either. Due to which the condition of farmers is getting worse day by day. Therefore, the Gujarat government should give crop insurance amount to the farmers as soon as possible.

Hardik Patel said that last four months in Gujarat four farmers have committed suicide after suffering from financial crisis. According to him, farmers are dying and the government is not paying attention to it. In Rajkot, peanuts of Rs 2 crore purchased from the farmers gets defect due to rainfall.

Hardik Patel said that Satyagraha movement will be carried out in the villages of entire Gujarat in the coming days with the demands of the farmers. President of the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) of Rajkot district, Dilip said that the announcement is made for the farmers by government but it does not reach the farmers.That is why the farmers will do their protest against the government.