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Hardik Patel resigns as Gujarat Congress working president


Ahmedabad: Patidar leader Hardik Patel has resigned from all posts in the Congress party, including that of working president of the Gujarat unit.

He sent his resignation letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

The letter was extremely critical of the functioning of the party.

In his letter, Hardik Patel accused senior leaders of lacking seriousness.

“Whenever I met top leaders, I felt that their attention was directed more towards their phones and other things than towards the people of Gujarat and the party’s problems,” he wrote.

“Whenever the country was in trouble or Congress needed leadership the most, our leaders would be abroad,” he added.

Hardik Patel also alleged biased treatment against Gujaratis. “The top leaders’ attitude towards Gujarat was as if they hated Gujarat and Gujaratis. In such a situation, how can Congress expect that people of Gujarat will look at it as an alternative?” he asked.

He said everyone in Gujarat knew how big leaders in Congress had watered down issues of the public in Gujarat in return for financial gains.

The Patidar leader accused the party of not wanting to do anything beneficial for the public of Gujarat, claiming that he was humiliated whenever he tried to do something for the state.





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