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Gunda-raj: 2 cases of attack by thugs in Jamalpur in 48 hrs


Two cases of anti-social elements wreaking havoc in the city in the same area have come to light in the 48 hours. In the first case, two people broke the window of a car over a verbal fight in Gaekwad police station limits.

As per case details, Laxman Rabari a resident of Nadiad in a complaint with the Gaekwad Haveli police said that he had come to Ahmedabad to meet a lawyer.


While he was on his way two people on a bike stopped him near Khamasa. The two then picked up a fight with him and tried to open the driver side door. When they couldn’t they broke the window of the car and forced Laxman and his friend Satish to come out. The two were then assaulted.

They also threatened him not to be seen in the area again. As people gathered the two left the place. Laxman managed to remember the number plate of the assaulter’s bike.

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Earlier in the same area in Jamalpur, a man had attacked a team that had gone to check the electric meters in the area. A complaint in this connection was made by Jagdish Shah who said that they found electricity theft at the house of one Jafar Mansuri, a resident of Moti Pol in Tangarwad.

Shah disconnected the illegal line used to steal electricity. An angry Mansuri attacked him and the team. He threatened them not to come to the area again. Neighbours helped save Shah and his team.

Gujarat recently passed the Gunda-Act ordinance

The state cabinet on Wednesday approved the ‘The Gujarat Gunda and Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act which is aimed at strengthening the fight against anti-social elements in the state.

The ordinance defines thugs as those who threaten and bully people individually or in groups. Those who engage in destruction of public properties can also be booked under the act.

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