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Gujjar community in Rajasthan pours 11,000 litres of milk in a pit for temple’s foundation


The Gujjar community in a village in Rajasthan’s Jhalawar poured 11,000 litres of milk in the dug up foundation pit of a proposed Devnarayan temple. The ceremony was recently held where a large number of members from the Gujjar community participated.

They brought milk from their homes. Apart from milk, curd and ghee was also poured in the foundation as an offering by the villagers as a mark of reverence for the deity Lord Devnarayan. 

Out of the 11000 litres, there was 1500 litre of curd and one quintal of desi ghee, while the rest was milk, and its total cost was nearly Rs 1.50 lakh.

Appeal from Gujjar community

An appeal was issued by the Gujjar community to come with curd, milk and ghee for the temple’s foundation.

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Ramlal Gujjar, a community leader, said that it is not compulsory but it has been done a few times in the past as well. He maintained it was nothing in comparison to what the Lord gives to the people.

Not a waste of resources

“It is not at all a waste as in Gujjar community we pour some milk on the deity Devnarayan as it protects our cattle,” said Ramlal on being quizzed if the exercise did not seem like a gargantuan waste of resources.

We owe everything to the lord so we donated milk products to him for the foundation ceremony, he said. The temple, being built at a cost of Rs 1 crore, will be ready in two years.

A Jain temple in Bikaner, which was built in 1468 AD by a rich Oswal Jain trader, used tonnes of ghee in the making of mortar for this temple which is called Bhanda Shah Mandir in Bikaner.

There is a saying that during the summers, when the temperature of the desert city is at its peak, the walls of the temple ooze out oil. A priest of the temple there said the floors become slippery. There are a couple of stories that lend support to this belief.


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