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Gujarat’s infant mortality rate increased, 219 babies died in 1 month


Gandhinagar: With more than 100 children were dead in a single month in Kota city of Gujarat’s neighboring state of Rajasthan, the state of Gujarat’s government hospitals is feeling pathetic. In Ahmedabad and Rajkot civil hospitals, 219 babies have lost their lives in the last one month.

According to the details, 85 newborns were dead in December at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Asia’s largest, 134 infants have died in Rajkot hospital. In addition, 1235 newborns have lost their lives in the pediatric department of Rajkot Civil Hospital in the last 1 year.

In terms of statistics, a total of 1235 children died in the last 1 year in Rajkot, Assembly constituency of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Apart from this, 253 children have died in the last three months in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital.

Month newborn infant deaths

month infant death
January 122
February 105
march 88
April 77
May 78
June 88
July 84
August 100
September 118
October 131
November 110
December 134

In this regard, Superintendent of Civil Hospital Dr Gunwant Rathore said that a number of reasons were responsible for the death of the newborn. Including premature birth, inadequate nutritional diet, etc. In addition, it is necessary for pregnant women to get a nutritional diet in order to reduce child mortality. Even today, 1.42 lakh children are malnourished in the state.

It may be mentioned that the state health department is constantly making efforts to reduce child mortality. This is why the government spends crores of rupees on several schemes, but the child mortality figure is rising alarmingly, now the health department is going to see what new steps can be taken to reduce infant mortality rate.