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Gujarat: Srishti Bharat Demands Justice for Priyanka Reddy


Anar Mehta the founder of Srishti Bharat NGO, interviewed by Gujarat Exclusive has demanded Justice for Priyanka Reddy and told that Justice should prevail in the case of Priyankar Reddy and the case should not be given a communal angel.

Recently her post was trolled on Facebook. Anar believes that there should be no discrimination in Justice based on cast and creed. Anar also said that women are the pillars of the society and they should be given due respect and should be protected.

Anar further said “she supports initiatives such as Gender equality, sanitisation, financial literacy and mental awareness. Her vision is to Empower Women and thus empower nation.”

Priyanka Reddy was gang raped and murdered on Wednesday night near Outer Ring Road at Shamshabad on outskirts of Hyderabad. Her charred body was found under a culvert near Shadnagar town, about 25 km from Shamshabad on Thursday.

The body of a 26-year-old veterinarian, who went missing on Wednesday night near Hyderabad, was found on Thursday morning, badly burnt. The woman, who was on her way from her house in Telangana’s Shadnagar to a veterinary hospital where she worked, was stranded in Shamshabad after her two-wheeler reportedly suffered a puncture. Her body was found in Shadnagar, about 30 kilometres away, below an underbridge.

The Hyberabad police today detained four persons including truck drivers and cleaners in connection with the brutal rape and murder of Priyanka Reddy.