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Gujarat ranks 12 in new COVID-19 cases: Rupani


Gujarat ranks 12 th in reporting new COVID-19 infections, chief minister Vijay Rupani said on Wednesday. 

He said those who were praising the Kerala Model should look at what has happened now.


Rupani was speaking to the media after a review meeting of the COVID-19 situation in Rajkot. 

Rupani was accompanied by deputy chief minister Nitin Patel.

He said Rajkot reported the first COVID-19 case of the state in March.

He said 50% of the beds in Rajkot are still empty. 

“The city is seeing a surge in patients as those from other districts are also coming here to seek treatment,” Rupani said.

“40% of COVID-19 deaths in Rajkot are those who came from other districts for treatment. We have asked the administration to double the tests,” said Rupani.

He said Rs5 crore from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund has been given to the city.

Recovery rate in Gujarat is 74%

Rupani held a meeting with doctors of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) as well as those working in government hospitals. 

He said the recovery rate in the state is 74%. 

“When the situation stabilised in Ahmedabad, it increased in Surat and now we have come to review the situation in Rajkot and Vadodara,” said Rupani.

He said a state faces a pandemic once or twice in a century and that is why it is called a pandemic.

Most cases are from urban areas

Rupani said most of thee cases are being reported in urban areas because of travel from these areas. 

He said 80% of the cases in Gondal taluka are from the town area.

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“We are far better off than other states,” Rupani said.

He said going ahead the state will come up with new rules to prevent the spread of infection. 

“From August 1, the fine for not wearing a mask has been increased to Rs500,” said Rupnani.

 He said Rajkot earlier had 4000 tests but now it was carrying out 22000 tests. 

Super spreaders will be targeted and microcontainment zones will be declared in areas where cases are found.

Will follow guidelines

Rupani said the state will follow all Central guidelines for Unlock 3.0. 

He also put to rest the controversy regarding the government not releasing names of COVID-19 patients. 

“Don’t worry about names. We will name the area from which the cases are found,” Rupani said.

He also asked people to refrain from holding big celebrations during Satam-Aatham and Bakri-Eid. 

“If the situation continues we may not allow for Navratri. The decision will depend on how the situation pans out,” Rupani said.

On the difference in COVID-19 data of the state and local administration, Rupani said it was because of the different 24 hour time period considered by the state and the local body.

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