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RT-PCR tests cost Rs 700 in Gujarat, Rs 350 in Rajasthan: Amit Chavda


Gujarat Congress president Amit Chavda has criticised the Vijay Rupani government for being unable to significantly reduce the charges for RT-PCR testing in the state, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic has gone out of control with queues getting longer outside hospitals and crematoriums.

Chavda has said that the Rupani government has failed to manage the health crisis due to its incompetence. He pointed out that the Rajasthan government has reduced the charges for RT-PCR tests to Rs 350 and the Gujarat government should also reduce the charges to make it at par with Rajasthan.

Notably, Chavda took to Twitter to make the request.

As of now, the minimum charge for an RT-PCR test in Gujarat is Rs 700, which is double that of Rajasthan. Owing to the massive surge in COVID-19 cases in the state, the Gujarat government, recently, capped the cost of RT-PCR testing in private laboratories to Rs 700, if the sample is submitted at the laboratory, and Rs 900, if the sample is collected from home or hospital. Earlier the charges were Rs 800 and Rs 1,100, respectively.

Amit Chavda asks Mukesh Ambani to provide free oxygen to Gujarat

Amit Chavda has also requested Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani to provide free medical oxygen to Gujarat like he has provided to Maharashtra. While Chavda appreciated the decision of Reliance Industries to provide free medical oxygen to Maharshtra, he said Reliance is the pride of Gujarat.

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Chavda in his letter to Ambani said, “Reliance Industries is the pride of Gujarat first for its international reputation. You also being native of Gujarat and the oxygen being produced at Jamnagar, at world’s largest oil refinery, being coincidentally in Gujarat, I think my request is not misplaced and is apt and timely.”

RT-PCR tests in Gujarat

Out of the over 1.65 lakh COVID-19 tests beings carried out in Gujarat every day, hardly 70,000 are RT-PCR tests. Notably, RT-PCR tests are considered better for the detection of the viral infection in the body.


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