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Heavy rains continue in Gujarat; Narmada dam 68% full


Gandhinagar: The Sardar Sarovar dam on Narmada river, also the biggest water source for Gujarat throughout the year, is now up to 68 per cent full, thanks to heavy rain upstream.

Till the end of August, the situation seemed bleak with huge deficit in the average annual rainfall. However, heavy rain across the state in September has reduced the deficit significantly.

The Narmada dam saw a rise of water level by 54 cm in last 24 hours alone.

With huge inflow of water into Ukai dam on Tapi river, 1.90 lakh cusec was released. In Jetpur, the gates of Bhadar 1 were opened, following which 22 villages were put on alert.

In Navsari, 25 villages were put on alert following rise in water level in Ambika river.

In Bhavnagar, lightning struck at a building, damaging one of its walls. Strong winds brought down several trees and electric poles.


Gulab to bring heavy rains in Gujarat

The cyclonic storm Gulab, which had weakened on Tuesday, is likely to intensify after reaching the western coast, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted. It warned that the the system is likely to emerge into northeast Arabian Sea and adjoining Gujarat coast around September 30 and is likely to intensify further over the northeast Arabian Sea on Wednesday. The IMD has predicted heavy rainfall in Gujarat and Maharashtra on Wednesday and Thursday.




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