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Gujarat Police to Seek Interpol Blue Corner Notice Against Fugitive Baba Nithyananda


On Wednesday, Interpol issued a notice on the appeal of Gujarat Police against Baba Nithyananda who had fled away from India last year after being accused. Blue Corner notice has been issued on the appeal of the Gujarat Police to search, identify and obtain information about Nithyananda. He is himself on the run as an FIR has been registered against him over the confinement of two sisters.

A video of Nithyananda was going viral on social media. In which he was saying that no one can touch him nor any court can prosecute him. Not only this, he is also telling himself about God and Shiva. There is no clue of Baba Nithyananda, a high profile accused of rape escaped from the country. The police and agencies were not even aware and Nithyananda. Not only this, he is continuously challenging agencies through video.

Nithyanand, who is learnt to have fled India last year and has a number of rape cases to his name, has bought an island in Ecuador in central Latin America. The “new nation” is named Kailaasa. Nithyanand has also launched a website of the new “nation”, describing it as the greatest Hindu nation on earth. On this website, Nityananda has also announced the national flag, national animal, national bird, national flower and national tree for his separate country located on a private island. Meanwhile, the Indian Foreign Ministry had also cancelled Nithyananda’s passport and has ‘conveyed’ all his foreign embassies to keep an eye on his movement.

The entire case caught on after the disappearance of two girls from the ashram running in DPS School in East Ahmedabad Hathijan area. While this whole matter is currently going on in Gujarat High Court, Nithyananda had escaped from the country before the police would take any action in this matter.

But after an appeal by Gujarat Police, Interpol issued a blue corner notice. But the question arises that why the people who are preparing the network for this hypocritical Baba in Gujarat are not yet being taken action? Will Gujarat Police take any action on Baba’s associates Manjula Shroff, Amitabh Shah and Rashmi Shah who had absconded?

Will government take action against Manjula Shroff and Amitabh Shah?