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Gujarat officials unearth spurious tocilizumab injection manufacturing scam 

The Food & Drug Control Administration in Gujarat has unearthed a scam in which spurious tocilizumab injections were being sold to take advantage of the demand for the same during COVID-19.
Food and drug control commissioner HG Koshia said that the department was alerted after a doctor at Sanjivani Hospital, Bhuyangdev in Ahmedabad raised suspicion about the quality of the tocilizumab injections that was sourced by a patient.
The doctor had prescribed the medicine to one of the admitted patients and her relatives had managed to get it. She was also administered the same. The injection mentioned the manufacturer as Genic Pharma.

The doctor doubted the quality and complained about the same to the food and drug administration. A probe revealed that the patient had sourced it from one Maa Pharmacy in Sabarmati for Rs1.35 lakh from one Ashish Shah without a receipt.

Through Shah, the trail led to one Bharat Thakor who said he bought it from one Nilesh Laliwal of Happy Chemist and Protein Shop in Paldi. Further investigation found that Nilesh Laliwal was in possession of two boxes of Nandrolone Decanoate 250 Mg/ML, the design of the medicine’s carton was similar to tocilizumab.

They had edited the design in photoshop to make it look like it was a box of tocilizumab. Laliwal further said that he had bought the medicine from one Sahel Ismail Tai of Surat. A raid at Tai’s place in Surat revealed a whole unit dedicated to manufacturing spurious drugs.