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Labour exodus begins in Rajkot as COVID surges


Migrant labourers from other states and cities are slowly moving out of Rajkot given the surge in COVID cases. Part of the migration is also happening because labourers are afraid that given the surge in COVID cases a lockdown may be imposed and they don’t want to be caught unawares.

Railway stations and other common transport places are seeing a surge in migrant labour headed home. Meanwhile, businessmen have appealed to labour to not pay heed to rumours. The buzz in social media about possible lockdown has also spooked the labour force.

Labour migration other cities

In the first week of April, media reports had also said that migrant workers and their families were leaving Surat and Ahmedabad. The two cities are home to several migrant workers and are also one of the worst impacted cities due to COVID.

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The government officials had however said that the number of people leaving was very low. State additional chief secretary, Labour and Employment, Vipul Mittra had at that time said that the migration was not lareg scale.

In Ahmedabad, reports said several migrant workers, mostly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were moving out of the city from the Kalupur railway station.

Earlier the Gujarat High Court had suggested that the state should impose a lockdown and this had also spurred many migrants to go home.

COVID in Rajkot

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Friday had held meetings in Morbi and Rajkot districts to take stock of the surging COVID situation in both the places. Rupani after visit Rajkot had announced that around 2,300 new beds will be added in Rajkot city and the district. He also said that as many as 15,000 Remdesivir injections were allocated to Rajkot in the last four days. He also urged people to go for voluntary lockdown.


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