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Zone 1 DCP’s patrolling diktat has put cops in a dilemma


Zone 1 DCP Ravindra Patel’s diktat about patrolling has got the police inspectors of eight police stations falling in the zone in a quandary.

The cops are worried that if they have to clock eight hours of patrolling duty how will they manage administrative, investigative, and other work at their respective police stations.

Meanwhile, city commissioner Sanjay Srivastav has made it mandatory for all police inspectors across all police stations to meet applicants and address their complaints from morning 9 am to 12 pm.

The cops say it is not possible to follow both the DCP and the police commissioner’s orders without violating at least one of them.

Zone 1 DCP had recently asked police inspectors in the police station falling under the zone to be mandatorily present for patrolling from 8 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm.

They are also required to send their live location to the Zone 1 Whatsapp group. The ACPs have been tasked with policing the police inspectors about their patrolling duties.

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The diktat came after it was brought to the DCP’s notice that police inspectors were slacking in patrolling and fieldwork duties.

Cops say difficult to follow orders

The cops have said that while they have no problem patrolling if the order is to be followed they will have to ignore the one issued by the police commissioner.

Moreover, if eight hours of duty are spent in patrolling how will the administrative and other work be taken care of in the police station. 

They say eight hours of patrolling will also mean investigations into cases will drag on. DCP Ravindra Patel said that he had asked for patrolling in certain areas to ensure there was no gathering of crowds so that the spread of COVDI could be halted.


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