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Amdavadi youth threatens girl he befriended on social media with indecent pics, demands Rs15 lakh


A complaint has been filed against a youth who initially befriended a girl and then got her compromising pictures. He then threatened to show them to her family and demanded Rs15 lakh to not do it.

He also tried to break the girl’s engagement by telling her fiance about her past. Ramol police are investigating the matter after the girl approached them with a complaint.

As per the complaint, the 27-year-old resident of Ramol had two years ago befriended a guy Mukesh Parmar on Facebook. They used to be in touch through calls and video chats. They then fell in love. At that time Parmar had said that he was unemployed and that he would marry her once he found employment. Mukesh would often ask her to do things for him while on chat and video calls and unknown to her took screenshots of the same.

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He would also ask her for money for some or the other reason since he was unemployed. She had thus given him Rs35000 in various installments through online mode to help him out while they were chatting.

Threats began when she broke off relation

In 2021, the girl got engaged to a man and so she broke off her relationship with Mukesh and told him that she wouldn’t talk to him anymore.

On realizing that the girl would not be in touch with him anymore, Parmar showed her the screenshots of her in a compromising position and said if she did not pay him Rs15 lakh he would put the pictures and videos on social media and defame her. He also threatened to get the picture printed and put up in public places.

He then somehow got hold of her fiance’s phone number and sent him text messages stating that the girl was of bad character and that he should check her background before getting married to her.

He also sent the fiancee some of the girl’s pictures.

The fiancee told her cousin about the same and when he confronted the girl she told him about the sordid affair. In the meantime, Parmar began to impersonate her family members on social media and began to demand money from her family.

Later she approached the Ramol Police who is now looking for Parmar.



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