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Woman files complaint after someone sends her morphed pictures to family


A woman has filed a complaint with the cyber cell in the city after her morphed pictures were made viral on the internet. The person also sent the morphed pictures to her family members on their Whatsapp.

Pragya (name changed) a resident of Deodar in Banaskantha lives with her husband and son. In the year 2008, she married Paresh, a resident of Paldi. After a year, the couple decided to part ways over differences and hence got a divorce.

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Later in 2009, she married Vijay (name changed) a farmer in Deodar. She later had a child with her husband. The child is ten years old now.

How the morphed pictures were sent

On September 30, 2020, Pragya’s sister-in-law who lives in Isanpur got some morphed pictures of Pragya on her mobile phone. The photos were sent from an unknown number.

The sender also sent a link to a fake Facebook id of one Krishna. The link opened more morphed pictures of Pragya. Other members of her family also received similar pictures. Later her brother filed an application with the cyber police against the unknown person.

The person, however, continued to harass her family members and Pragya filed a formal complaint with the cyber cell this time. Police said they are investigating the matter.


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