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Woman applies for a vehicle loan, gets a marriage certificate!


A woman who applied for a vehicle finance loan ended up getting a marriage certificate in return for the application she made!

The incident was reported from the Vadodara district in Gujarat. The woman had given her documents to an agent to get a loan for a two-wheeler. Later, instead of a loan disbursal letter, she got a marriage certificate giving her a shock of her life. As per the marriage certificate, she is married to one Vijay.

The story of the loan

Meena Parmar had met one Vijay Parmar in 2017 through an acquaintance. She had talked about wanting to buy a two-wheeler and Vijay promised to help her get the loan for the vehicle.

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Since Meena was not very well educated, Vijay got her to sign on certain loan documents. But it turned out that the documents were marriage registration papers.

Since she thought she was signing documents to get a loan for the vehicle, she signed it. After she realized that she was married to Vijay, she filed for divorce from him and in the petition alleged that the cops refused to file a cheating complaint against Vijay.

The court observed that she has not been able to prove that she was cheated.


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