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Wife sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering drunk, abusive husband at home


Aaquib Chhipa, Ahmedabad: A court in Gujarat has sentenced a wife to life imprisonment after she murdered her husband by hitting him with a 20 kg stone on his head. The husband was a habitual drunk who abused her when he returned home every day.

The court sentenced 47 year old accused Kankuben Sarla to life imprisonment and fined her Rs 10,000 after she was found guilty under section 302 of (IPC) Indian Penal Code for murdering her husband – Hemant Sarla. Hemant was sleeping on the cot outside the house when he was killed.

If the intention of the accused wife was not to kill the deceased, she could have struck him on the hands or legs or other parts of the body, but she did not do so, the court said.

The prosecution had also confirmed that the accused was in the habit of consuming alcohol and this had been confirmed in the toxicology report.

The court said the accused had committed a heinous crime.

What murder accused argued

The advocate appearing for the accused submitted before the court that the deceased was an alcoholic and at the time of the incident had consumed alcohol and due to which he fell, hurt himself, and dashed his head on the wall before succumbing to the injuries.

As the other family members were asleep inside the house they didn’t know about the incident and could only take him to the hospital in the morning.

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In the morning they found him in a prone position outside the house and took him to a hospital where he was declared brought dead.

The public prosecutor argued that the accused and the victim lived as husband and wife and the former was an alcoholic who used to beat the latter. Fed up of the constant abuse she took a stone and hit her husband in the head and thus murdered him. She then dragged the body outside the house and placed it in a prone position.

The woman was earlier married to one Amthubhai Amarshibhai who had died 15 years ago. She had then entered into a marriage contract with the victim and had been living with their children.

On October 17, 2018, the victim came home heavily drunk and beat up the wife. After he went to sleep on the verandah of the house, the wife took a heavy stone and hit him on the head, murdering him. She then dragged his body out of the house and put it in a prone position.



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