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Viral video shows alleged butchers stealing cow in dead of night in Khokhra


In a daring attempt, some men allegedly stole a cow in the dead of the night at a time when a curfew is supposed to be in place.

A video that went viral showed the men, believed to be butchers, trying to capture a cow and her calf in Khokhra’s Bhaipura area. They manage to steal one of the cows and herd it into a Scorpio car.

A youth has put up the video of the theft online in which he claimed that the men who stole the cows were butchers.

The incident happened in Khokhra’s Bhaipura’s Dhiraj Housing Board area. Some men in a silver Scorpio car at around 2 am are seen chasing the cow and the calf. A youth who saw the incident began to shoot the video and also shouted at the men. The men escaped but managed to capture one of the cows.

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Nilesh Prajapati who put the video online said that some local had made the video. He said he put the video online so that people and police can take action against the men.

The men left behind a calf but took the cow.

Khokhra police inspector YS Gamit said he is not aware of the incident and that he came to know of it only after the media contacted him about the same. He said no one has so far come forward with a complaint in the matter. He said they need to look at the video to know when it happened and if found true action will be taken against the culprits.



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