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Vejalpur woman accuses in-laws of cheating after husband turns out to be gay!


A Vejalpur woman has filed a complaint against her in-laws and husband with the Mahila Police Station in Surendranagar. The complaint states that her hubby’s family knew that he was gay yet got him married to her and cheated her.

As per the complaint, the woman who originally belongs to Vejalpur in Ahmedabad got married to her husband whose family lives in Paldi. She has accused her husband of being the pimp for many gay men and also that at times he is bisexual.

To catch her cheating husband red-handed, the woman posed as a guy on Grind app and approached him and he continued to talk dirty with her thinking that she was a man.

The woman Kinnari (name changed) is married to Vishwas (name changed) the son of a deputy mamlatdar, who lives near the Shantivan Bus Stand area, in February 2020. The couple then went to live in Surendranagar.

Revelations about being gay

After marriage, Vishwas did not show any interest in having sex with his wife, and when questioned he said he was in love with another woman since 2010.

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Her in-laws also picked a fight with her when she confronted them about Vishwas’s early affair. They also put restrictions on her stating that she could not wash her hair on particular days and that she was to remain untouchable when she was having her menstruation. They also harassed her for dowry, the complaint states.

Kinnari also found out that Vishwas had two Whatsapp numbers, one for relatives and friends and another where he solicited sexual favours from gay men. She took screenshots of Vishwas’ dirty talk with other men and confronted her in-laws who then admitted that he was gay.

Meanwhile, Vishwas continued to ignore her and when the couple went to Leh-Ladakh Vishwas brought with him two men too.

Through the Grind app, Kinnari learned that her husband was active with around 20 to 25 men and that he also posed as a pimp for many gay men.

She posed as a guy on Grind and pursued Vishwas who agreed to meet her after several rounds of talk. Vishwas was angry when he found that the guy he was chatting with was his wife. He then apologised and told Kinnari that he was gay.

When her father confronted her in-laws they too said they were aware of Vishwas being gay but decided to get him married. Kinnari has filed a complaint of cheating against her husband and in-laws.


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