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Man in Ahmedabad took to vehicle theft to impress girlfriend


The GIDC police have nabbed a man who took to vehicle theft to ensure he remained a ‘hero’ for his girlfriend! Talk about love knowing no boundaries, even legal ones. The GIDC police nabbed Aslam Sheikh, 23 a resident of Bapunagar who originally belongs to Uttar Pradesh. He was nabbed with a stolen Activa scooter.

During questioning, he told cops that he worked as a labourer and stole the vehicle to impress his girlfriend. Every time he went to meet his girlfriend he would steal a vehicle and go to meet her. He would then take her out on a drive on the stolen vehicle and then would dump the stolen vehicle at someplace.

He told cops that he had stolen over 15 such vehicles and helped the police recover eight of them.

Other strange vehicle theft

In a bizarre incident reported in January this year, a dead body van which was parked in the Prahlad Nagar Fire Station in Ahmedabad got stolen late in the night. The fire station staff which came to know about the incident immediately reported the theft to the police.

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After receiving the information, the police immediately registered a complaint in this regard and started its investigation. To identify the thieves, the police also scanned the CCTV footage of the nearby area. While the theft of two-wheelers and cars are normal, the theft of a dead body van was unusual.

The vehicle was bought at a cost of Rs 17 lakh and the funds for the same were made available by former mayor Bijal Patel. While the police and the fire brigade staff have heaved a sigh of relief after recovering the stolen vehicle, the miscreants who were behind the theft are yet to be traced by the police.


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