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Vadodara SSG COVID hospital ICU fire: Dhaman ventilators cause of spark


The fire in the COVID ward in Vadodara’s SSG Hospital was a result of the Dhaman ventilators, a probe report has found. Media reports quoted the FSL Surat and Vadodara FSL in-charge director DB Patel as saying that Dhaman ventilators were in use in SSG Hospital’s COVID ICU 2 ward.

He said the internal faults in the ventilator and the compressor resulted in a short circuit and led to the fire.

What was the SSG COVID ICU fire incident?

In September, a fire was reported from the Vadodara Municipal Corporation-run SSG hospital. In all 272 COVID patients were under treatment at the hospital and the fire was reported from the ICU ward. The ICU had 39 patients.

The staff managed to douse the fire and hence no injury or loss of life was reported.

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Some critical patients were shifted to the GMERS Gotri hospital. Initial reports had said that the fire was caused by a short circuit in the wiring of one of the ventilators in the ICU.

One of the ventilators in ICU-2 sparked and burst into flames.

The Dhaman ventilator and the fire

Dhaman is a ventilator manufactured by a Rajkot-based company Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd. The ventilators cost Rs 1 lakh against the standard rate of Rs6 lakh and the company had given over 850 such ventilators to the Gujarat government for free.

But controversy soon erupted over its efficiency. The head of the department at Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital wrote a letter to the state government about the efficiency of the Dhaman-1 ventilator and also asked for ventilators with better capacity to treat COVID 19 patients.

The ventilator purportedly made in 10 days was tested at the Civil Hospital in the presence of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and deputy chief minister Nitin Patel.


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