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Vacant ICU & oxygen beds in Ahmedabad stand at 1,660


The number of critical beds (oxygen and ICU) that are available continue to rise as Ahmedabad registers a drop in COVID cases. In all, 1660 beds are vacant in the COVID hospitals. The critical beds refer to those with oxygen and in ICU units.

On Wednesday evening, in all, 1660 beds were vacant in private and government hospitals.

AMC run SVP Hospital had 34 oxygen and ICU beds vacant in all while it was 27 for LG Hospital and 29 for Shardaben Hospital. VS Hospital had 15 empty beds.

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The 175 designated COVID hospitals in the city all have 844 vacant beds while the 242 nursing homes have 546 vacant beds.

Civil Hospitals have 144 vacant beds, ESIC hospitals have 21 vacant beds. In all the city has 9444 ICU and oxygen beds of which 7784 are filled while the rest are vacant.


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