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Pregnant woman develops genital infection, husband hands her triple talaq!


Gandhinagar: A pregnant woman from Kheda has filed a case against her husband for giving her triple talaq. The husband uttered the words ‘talaq’ thrice after the woman who was pregnant developed genital infections and had to be treated for the same.

Interestingly, the talaq was allegedly given in front of her parents while the woman was still asleep.

As per the complaint, Shabana, an arts graduate, had an arranged marriage with Siddique in May 2019. The couple often had minor clashes but Siddique verbally abused her and threatened to leave her.

In July 2020, Shabana found that she was pregnant. Later she developed genital infections and asked her husband to take her to a doctor but he avoided doing so.

A month later, she suffered heavy vomiting and developed a high fever. Shabana informed her parents who rushed her to a hospital where she had to be admitted for four days.

How the triple talaq was given

In the meantime, her husband dumped her at the hospital and never visited her. Later, Shabana was discharged and taken to her parent’s home. On October 27, her husband Siddique came to her house and demanded Rs2.5 lakh as he wanted to marry a second time.

At that time Shabana, who was still recovering from the infection, was asleep. After a fight, Siddique gave Shabana triple talaq in front of her parents and sister although she was asleep in another room.

Her family later informed her about the triple talaq. Shabana then approached the police to file a case against her husband.


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